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This had been my personal diary tool which I have been using for several years to note down the various things that happen on a day-to-day basis. An indigenous tool which helps me adjudicate the incidents and take particular decisions. ASP/ASP.NET had been with me since my college days and more than just a technology. I never hide anything from her (my better half) and she helps me streamline things and tide over the messes which I confront here and there.

The following are the evolutionary manifestations of this concept.
My general weblog to share what I feel.

DKV Desk
Technical Learnings/Code Snippets/Discoveries/Experiences with Code.

LD TechBites
Wherever I travel and/or have a trip, I try to make it a point for Facebook Checkin at that moment and later a descriptive summary of the travel for the benefit of others and as a reference for myself.

LD Travelog

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