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What is OpenDNS?

OpenDNS is a powerful cloud-based DNS service which offers fault-free reliable and robust name resolution services besides enhancing secure parental controls, advanced zero-day threat protection and proactive spam filtering. You can find out more about the same from here. OpenDNS requires that you configure your internet enabled devices with their name servers. For parental protection and logging, you need to have a free account with OpenDNS and have your IP address recorded in your account. If your IP address is changing because of ISP, there are a number of quick tools to automatically update the same.

DNS Updater Tools

  • OpenDNS Updater is a free tool from OpenDNS which runs in the background and keeps updating your account with changes in the IP Address.
  • DNS-O-Matic is a service from OpenDNS which announces your IP addresses to a string of services, one of them being OpenDNS. When you go to a unique update URL from their service they automatically know your new IP and would broadcast them to the registered services.

    Click here to open their IP update script.

DNS Switcher

When configuring OpenDNS on corporate laptops, it is a common problem that when we connect to our corporate networks, DNS configuration fails and we have to manually rollback the settings. Again we have to repeat the step in reverse when we are back at home. This simple .NET framework 4.5 based tool automates the same. If the system uses custom DNS servers, it also endeavors to preserve them. It just uses a simple XML file to save the preferences and OpenDNS IPs.
Check out the hosted source code here.

Whois Lookup

This is a quick and handy who-is lookup tool for most of the TLDs in the world. It uses the official source of whois servers to lookup the information. It does not do any screen scraping but makes a genuine TCP call to the Whois server on port 43 to retrieve the information. The application requires .NET 4.5 runtime to execute.

Check out the hosted source code here.

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