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What is LDTrust?

After several days of legal consultation and counselling assistance from several people, I am glad to have formally launched LDTrust a humanity-centric service trust standardizing our objectives. A preamble of the organization is listed below:
  1. Educational assistance to the needy students of the society. We are trying to garner a team of educational philanthropists and bridge the needy with them after due diligent verification. Some day we wish we too would be in a position to help with our own coffers which is at the moment just another dream and/or a noble aspiration.
  2. Helping of needy temples and temple trusts in our country. Whilst we have a few star temples where ministers visit to stage a pompous show-offs, there are still so many temples which have a serious paucity of resources even to conduct one satisfactory completion of religiously and spiritually completing day. The mission of this is not just to help them financially but to pave some foundation for them for recurring expenses.There is a saying if you feed a hungry man with a fish, you appease his hunger once. If you teach him to fish, his hunger and thirst are eternally quenched.
  3.  Voicing for the immorally trafficked unprivileged lots of the society. A number of people in our society are being trafficked to satisfy the bestial instincts of those with muscle and money power. The objective of this is not to fight the muscle men but to empower the downtrodden to recover and establish their lifestyle. We are not going to waste time fighting against stupid sinners since that is not going to achieve anything and also that is not part of our roles and responsibilities in this creation. Sinners are going to be treated according to Garuda Purana as outlined here.
  4. Extending hands for the voice-less dumb friends. Animals, by virtue of their inability to express their emotions, are being subjected to innumerable cruelty in abattoirs and many other places like dog-fighting sports. The aim is to find a good shelter and compassionate companion for them so that they breathe with a sense of bliss.

The Initiative

LDTrust is the brainchild of Deepak Kumar Vasudevan. It is named to better reflect my ideologies and a sense of community initiative/give-back to the community and society as a service to the Lotus feet of the Lord. You can also check out my personal website over here, for a brief overview about me. We are just forming up  the various aspects of the organization. If you have (constructive) suggestions and (healthy) criticisms, feel free to share them across through this platform and the same would be considered for incorporation into the objectives of the trust after due feasibility analysis. Due to time constraints and paucity of resources, it would not be possible to generate a one-to-one response and reply to your clarifications. An endeavor is being made to answer most of the queries through this platform. Whilst it is assured your responses would be read and processed, a response alone may not be guaranteed. Your blissful patronage is encouraged and appreciated with thanks.

Team Up

LDTrust is a definitive way for you to give back to the community which has made you stand to this position of pride and prejudice. We have a lot of objectives to serve the community but the following things are alone impeding our progress:
  1. Resources to focus on the objectives. This is being offset by a judicious deployment of Zoho Calendar and Zoho Writer team to prioritize things and get things moving fast.
  2. Liquid resources. Paucity of resources is a kind of acute issue we are reeling under. We would be glad if you could network with us by contributing your might to the resources. You can use the standard Paypal for the same. Click here to goto Paypal website and contribute.
We are also working towards in bringing a page in this platform to list the patrons (subject to their privacy, security and their preferences) so that it would be an encouragement for them besides encouraging others to team up in helping the society.

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