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[Sri Lakshmi Narasimha Parabrahmane Namaha]
  • Eggetarian
  • Ghee Venn Pongal
  • Staunch Believer and Follower of Sri Ahobila Mutt, including having completed the commitments of Samasrayanam (Pancha Samskaram) and Bharanyasam (Prapatti)
  • Vadagalai Iyengar
  • Firm Believer of Principles of my gurudev, Sri Shanidev
  • Fanatic devotee of my pet, Swamiyae Saranam Ayyappa
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Scholastic Skills

  • Bachelor's of Engineering (Computer Science and Engineering) from Vellore Engineering College (now Vellore Institute of Technology), 1999
  • MBA from Alagappa University, Karaikudi in Distance Learning Programme.

Technical Excellence

  • Microsoft Certified Professional (2003)
  • Microsoft Valuable Professional (from 2003 to 2010) in .NET Framework, C#, ASP/ASP.NET
  • Dotnetspider Valuable Professional (2007) and Panelist (2008 onwards)

Academic Project

The RAS Team
NameIn Brief
Amarender Babu Kaveti We would put him as the heart-beat of RASNFS. The GUI design of the Administrative Panel, Client Control Panel -- all spoke his hardwork. Additionally, the foolproof Application Authentication mechanisms and Security was pioneered by him and myself.
Deepak Kumar Vasudevan Well! It's about me -- While, to put straight, RASNFS born out of two persons' brains -- Amar and Deepak, thanks to many IEEE magazines and a couple of writers in Windows 2000 Magazines who really inspired us with this topic. I have been entrusted with the Proxy Service, FTP service in the application. Additionally, the Application Security Stuff, which remained the most critical backbone of the application, was shared by me and Amar.
Madhan Mohan Reddy He was coordinating with VijayaBhaskar Reddy to get things done for the HTTP module and the associated Web Browsing Services for the application. The most user friendly and developer friendly User Documentation and API was created and maintained thanks to this guy.
Vijaya Bhaskara Reddy The efforts in getting HTTP service done and getting integrated to the host application, needs special appreciation, since HTTP module remains the most used section of the application. The use of Network Resource as a local resource using sections of WinVNC API and understanding and implementation of the same, the credit of which should be attributed to him.

Administration and Other Details(Miscellany)

  • Guide Name: R. Saraswathy
  • Co-ordinator: M. Uma Maheshwari
  • Project Done At: WorkGroup Division, T.S. Santhanam Computing Center, Vellore Engineering College, Vellore.
  • Project Duration: Six Months(Final Semester Project)


A Client will dial up a server and after getting authenticated,it is granted access to the resources to which it has proper permissions set. We here concenterate mostly on the file resources, though also we cover HTTP and related services, Telnet, Network Services like filesharing and printing. The difference between an ordinary LAN network and this setup is the distance(span) of the network(viz.) Area of Coverage. A LAN network is constrained to a very small distance, but this scenario breaks that constraint.

However we also would like to argue that our setup distinctly differs from that of an ISP dialup services, since all the services are provided here under one capsule(single shell).
We would also pinpoint a subtle and interesting feature with our setup. All ISP related and remote network services are accessible via a very simple Dialup Networking Setup. Perhaps, one kind of a poormans' Virtual Private Network.

The dialup server in turn hosts the DNS Service to route the data flow. While the above forms the kernel engine of the project itself, the following services were offered to the common users.

  1. Web Browsing(Text-browsing as with Lynx Browser or GUI browsing as with IE/Netscape browsers;
  2. Email Services;
  3. Newsgroup Services;
  4. Web Hosting
Now we would present some details about the Security Systems being adopted:
  • Password;
  • Callback.
The usual procedure of username and password combination as is found in any other system.
The server on recieving the call, notes the caller-id number and hangs up. It again dials the client at the noted caller-id number. This way forgery is eliminated. (Theoretical Presentation). Our Project Could be Implemented to any distance as it would run on telephone lines. However as the number of clients increase, there is a proportionate performance degradation as the lines start to getting clogged. A higher bandwidth line, though costs high, also pays high. Our Project currently ran with the following operating systems that was available in our lab:
  1. Windows NT 4.0
    1. Workstation 4.0;
    2. Server 4.0;
  2. Red Hat Linux;
  3. DEC OSF/1 Unix;

A Glimpse of the Services Offered

Web Browsing:
A Big Corporate Network can enjoy the Internet and its unrestricted information floods with just one single connection. Of course, the proxy server. The proxy server would be running over the server from which the other clients would be benefitting.
Email and NewsGroup Services:
A dedicated and customised email daemon may be run at the server via which the customers may be able to communicate with the friends and others via email. Intranet Messaging may also be possible with little modifications. Even NewsGroups may be setup. Though most of the features are available as third party controls or as system accessories, our main aim was to provide a one-capsule solution to the corporate needs. Though it was purely an academic project, a good thought and still more refinement may render it very useful more many corporate networks with less investment and rich harvests.
HTTP Service:
The very familiar HTTP service which most of us use. The default port in operation is port 80(which most of the webmasters stick on to!). This facility is also available with this setup.

As we were doing this project Remote Access and Network File System, our colleagues
  1. Naveenraj S
  2. Magesh K.
  3. Subbareddy P.V.
  4. Sarathbabu R.N.
were doing a project on Remote Control of LAN Network, via which you can operate a remote desktop from your machine. From an administrative aspect, this may be used to trap your students who are misusing Inet visiting prohibited web sites. Though such a solution is also available now, at hardware level, this one is based purely on software. Perhaps a software equivalent implementation is a cost-effective solution with low-end investments.
This is only a fraction of the abstract or the project report as was submitted to the department. A complete hardcopy of the project can be had off from any of the project team members as listed in the table above. We would be pleased to hear your appreciation via email or snail mail.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank various people who had helped us throughout this project and hence make it a great success. Very many thanks to our
  • Guide;
  • Coordinator;
  • Department Staff and Faculty;
  • Parents
  • Inet Community -- Particularly
    • WWW Spiders like Altavista, Yahoo!, MSN
    • Mr. Zubair Ahmad(Aris Corporation)

With this seed, we hope we would be able to march forward this Information Superhighway to hoist the flags of Victory whereever we proceed.


Do you need more info about RASNFS? Want to send us your views or improvements. You may contact any of us at the following contact points. We would be very glad to clarify your doubts and would definitely respond to your suggestions... For your convenience, we've many feedback centers through out this website. You may drop in any one and send a word to us... Keep Surfing!

The project Remote Access and Network File System is copyrighted with the RASNFS Team and Vellore Engineering College, Tamil Nadu, India.

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Full Time Jobs

Perfect Computer Systems (West Mambalam)
After my graduation, in the year of 1999, I had been undergoing a role of Trainee Programmer here. This company broke the shackles and the shell of being a 'fresher' which normally obstructs anyone from seeking a good opportunity in brand companies. This gave me an exposure to the realtime work environment, immediately after my academic life.
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Agenda Net Marketing [3rd Agenda] (Nungambakkam) (Chennai India)
I moved to realtime software development in Microsoft Internet Technologies with my sweetheart (ASP) and Microsoft SQL Server.
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Chrysolite Enterprises (Alwarpet) (Chennai India)
And then the saga of entrepreneurship began with me transferring to this company. It was basically a company formed by a group of friends from my previous batch belonging to my alma mater. The life here was a green pasture with cool projects seemed to flow in from the US Healthcare Industry. The doomsday came when projects ceased to come and we kept hunting for the projects, by sending business proposals etc. for about 60 days, the hunt of which was also codenamed as Raging 60, after which we had no other means other than to liquidate the business. A part of the team which existed before our amalgamation is continuing in the small scale as they were before the merger. The situation has reverted to square one position now. Website| Alumni Group
C S Solutions (C3SI/C S Software) (Minneapolis MN USA)
Here I learnt the real project management skills, execution of a full length project, deployment issues etc. It gave me exposure to global projects rather than domestic assigments. What was till now my communication problem, basically the mild stammering or stuttering I was having, I was able to successfully conquer the same and keep up the pace. I still maintain a good rapport with the real bonafide top true employees of this organization. I have, however resigned from the services of this organization on 4th April, 2004. Currently, all my team have also resigned and we are all better placed in good organizations and the credit of making them face the realtime challenges would attribute to Srinivas Thirunagari.
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Life @C S Software (August 11 2001 to April 04 2004)
Cybernet Software(Synaptris Decisions) (San Jose CA USA)
Verizon Data Services (Chennai India)
Syntel Ltd (Pune, India) and (Chennai, India)
Softura P Ltd (Chennai, India)
HCL Technologies (Noida, India)

Contract Jobs

Sakshi Automation (Patashala.com)
I am thankful to Sakshi Automation for kindly giving me a piece of system consultant work in contract sometime in 2001, with thier client at GE Capital in Gurgaon. At the moment, this organization has changed and is now presenting itself as a premiere educational services provider (Patashala.com).
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Ordusion Technologies Inc
Ordusion Inc
Cyberthink Inc
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Growell Softech P Ltd
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Exto Solutions
They are premiere regional directory operators managing TambaramOnline.com. TambaramOnline.com is appreciated and advertised almost every week in The Hindu DownTown, as a dictionary of Tambaram.
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Ahobilam.com commends a unique name for its established matrimonial and spiritual-cum-social welfare services. The relationship with them started since my graduation, as I looked out for a job.
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Astrologer Vighnesh
I am thankful to Astrologer Vighnesh for entrusting to me the task of re-designing his static website with Paypal integrated solution to benefit his customers. Besides payment gateway, the website now has a blogger platform, Facebook brand page and an on-demand web television channel too.
Noble Foundation Madurai
I had an opportunity to assemble the static webpage of Noble Foundation (Madurai) who engage themselves in a number of social services to downtrodden people and educational services to the needy. Considering the nature of the website, the page has been leveraged of its full potential using Google Blogger platform and custom domain for the same.
IT Sculptors (Chennai India)
IT Bright (Chennai India)
SLK Global BPO (Bangalore India)
Millennia Globalsoft

Friends and Family

Sairam Patnaik
A cheerful technocrat from Odisha with in-depth knowledge and skills in CICS/Cobol, Mainframes, PHP and MySQL. I am glad that I was able to assist him to showcase his preso and profile on the web.
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